Manz Elementary

Manz School is a school that embraces diversity to create productive, caring, responsible citizens of the world. We are committed to:

  • Collaborating around student data to design instructional plans for student learning for both academic and social-emotional needs.
  • Providing students with targeted instruction throughout the school day
  • Creating opportunities for family and community involvement.
  • Doing our best and having fun!

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Wish List - Needs Request

Cost Detail

Total Cost

Document Cameras

13 document cameras to replace out-of-date overhead projectors in classrooms.




Refrigerator/freezer with ice-maker to provide for storage of supplies and medical needs, including ice packs.

$700 $700

Voice Recorder

Voice recorder to record the reading fluency of special education students and play it back for the students to hear.

$450 $450

E-Reader Tablets

Tablets will provide reading materials and apps to students who will benefit from additional reading support.

$200/tablet $5,000