Eau Claire Community Foundation

Partnering Together

The Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation is fortunate to be a supporting organization of the Eau Claire Community Foundation, ECPSF is a distinct legal entity, also known as a 'supporting foundation' with the Eau Claire Community Foundation, by both its purposes and its operations. There are many advantages to being a supporting partner with Eau Claire Community Foundation including reduced costs and greater investment gains.

Supporting Organization Advantages:

  • ECPSF qualifies for the tax considerations reserved for public charities.
  • ECPSF also qualifies for the preferential tax treatment afforded community foundations when appreciated or closely-held stock is used to establish it.
  • ECPSF may have its own letterhead, checkbook, and investment manager and may publish its own annual report.
  • ECPSF Board of Trustees decides when and to whom grants will be given.
  • ECCF Board of Trustees approves the ECPSF Board of Trustees.

For individual donors, supporting organizations are an excellent way to gain the participation and visibility traditionally associated with a private foundation without the paperwork or overhead. For private foundations concerned about continuity or maintaining their impact, supporting organizations provide a simple, effective way of ensuring that the foundation’s mission is not eroded by time and overhead.

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