All Schools Grant Application Cycle

Annual Grant Application Cycle

The current grant cycle is closed. We will be offering another cycle in the fall of 2024.


The Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation Board of Trustees seeks applications for grant funds to support projects or programs that provide our students with value-added learning opportunities or fulfill their greatest needs. 

Awards are governed by the established policies and award decisions will be made by the ECPSF Allocations Committee and the Board of Trustees at the fall meeting in October. 


Applicants must be ECASD instructional or departmental staff with a signature from their school principal or building supervisor.


The foundation wishes to support innovative and/or creative projects that fulfill the following:

  • Provides value added, innovative and enriching educational opportunities
  • Motivates and inspires students
  • Compliments the mission and vision of the ECASD
  • Fulfills greatest needs that will enhance learning and promote equity

Selection Criteria:

Grants will evaluated on a competitive basis guided by the following criteria.

  • Application is signed by the principal of the applying school.
  • The project addresses the goals and goes beyond the purchase of basic curriculum materials books, or technology.
  • The project, the number of students it will serve, and the need are clearly described.
  • The objectives are clearly stated and educationally sound.
  • The complete budget for implementation of the project is included along with an explanation of how the funds requested will be spent.
  •  The total budget is reasonable, complete, and sufficient to complete the project.
  • Other sources of funding beyond the amount requested are explained.



The Foundation traditionally approves grants in the $100-$1,000 level. 
The Foundation traditionally does NOT fund requests for technology equipment (iPads, etc).
The Foundation cannot fund stipends or payroll for any current or retired ECASD staff. 


Apply Today!

Questions? Contact our Executive Director at [email protected].