School Wish Lists

District schools are invited to select a handful of programs, projects, or needs at a range of costs that would immediately benefit their students and add value to their school. Lists are generated by teachers and reviewed by school principals. As needs are met, schools update their lists throughout the year, so please visit often in order to find out how you can help the students in our schools. Donations of all sizes are accepted: you can donate part of the full amount for any need! Any contribution you can make is appreciated, we just ask that you notate in the text box where you would like your donation to be allocated (you can even just donate to the school itself and let them decide where the money should go).


"When I heard that the class needed $106 for the field trip I thought this is something I can do. Being anonymous made it even more fun. All 16 of the first graders sent in a picture and a note of thanks to the Foundation. It is amazing what a gift of $100 can do."

- Anonymous Donor

"Living in Seattle I hadn’t thought about my old elementary school for a long time. While helping my daughter with her school fundraiser, she asked if I gave gifts to my school. It got me thinking. When I contacted the foundation they reassured me that my gift would go straight to my old school if I wished. When I saw all the great grant proposals I decided to give to the Greatest Needs Fund and did so through our company matching gift program."

- Lincoln Elementary Alumnus

"As my 55th high school reunion drew nearer, I started thinking: what were my years of education worth? At the very least, it was certainly worth ten dollars a year. I got the idea to get my graduating class to donate $10 for every year we were out of high school for this year’s reunion. We now have enough money donated to start an endowment fund that will donate towards North High School perpetually."

- North High School Alumnus