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    Deadline is September 30, 2017. All applications must be pre-approved and signed by the principal/building administrator. Electronic submission of a signature is acceptable. Awards are governed by the established policies, and award decisions will be made by the ECPSF Board of Trustees at their October meeting. For more information, please contact Sarah French at (715) 852-3015 or at
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At the heart of the Foundation is a commitment to inspire, educate, and grow our students and staff. We accept donations to ensure the future: every dollar that is donated to the Foundation is a dollar towards our valued education system. Each year the ECPSF awards grants to educators to try out new and innovative teaching methods, establish and maintain value-added programs, or provide students with their greatest needs. While the cost of awarding a grant is easily calculated, the value it creates—in generating an environment of inspiration, excitement, and learning for students and educators alike—is truly immeasurable.


ECPSF Grants and Scholarships

The Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation awards grants to schools for  programs that provide our students with value-added learning opportunities, to fulfill their greatest needs, and for teachers professional development.

Scholarships are awarded through the high school guidance counselors.  Recipients are notified in spring of their senior year. Students may request scholarship grant funding in fall and spring of their first year in college using the online form.

The Trustees seek applications twice a year, in January and October for grant funds to support projects or programs that provide our students with value-added learning opportunities or fulfill their greatest needs. Grants are issued on a competitive basis, and preference is given to proposals that are innovative and seek to inspire.

Grant policy

Granting activities shall include, but are not limited to: providing support for the activities, programs, projects, equipment, and facilities of the Eau Claire Area School District; identifying and supporting new programs; and providing support for continuing education, professional development, and training for ECASD staff and volunteers.

Apply for a Grant

The next grant cycle starts in Fall 2015. If you are an instructional or departmental staff member of the Eau Claire Area School District you are eligible to apply for a grant from the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation.

*Apply for a Grant Information

*Grant Application Packet

Please contact Executive Director, Sarah French at (715) 832-3015 if you have any questions or need help accessing the documents.

Awarded Grants

To learn how the ECPSF has made an impact in the lives of students, or to get inspiration for your own grant application, view last year’s grant recipients here.