Sherman Elementary

At Sherman Elementary, we believe in students as curious, thoughtful learners; families as being supportive role models; a staff that works together to help students learn; a partnership with the community.

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Wish List - Needs Request

Cost Detail

Total Cost

10 Dell Notebooks for reading and math data team members

$300/each $3,000

10 WhisperPhones

$8.95/each $90

24 small dry erase boards

$30/set $30

6 spell checkers

$40 each $240

Playaways for the Daily 5

$40-$60 each $300

Soft floor furniture

$780/set $1,560

Jolly Phonics Starter Kit

$325 $325

10 Seat Pocket Storage Containers

$9 each $90

10 Pencil Sharpeners

$35 each $350