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Wish List - Needs Request

Cost Detail

Total Cost

Helping Hands Greatest Need Fund

43% of Roosevelt families live in poverty and struggle to provide basic items for their children. The Helping Hands Fund provides essentials such as backpacks, coats, etc., as well as funds for needy students to participate in special non-athletic programs and field trips.

$100 supports one child/year $20,000

Music Classes for All

  • 1 Sonar Meisterklasse Bass Metallophone
  • 1 Sonar Palisono Bass Xylophone
  • 8 Sonor Palisono Alto Xyloophones
  • 5 Sonar Palisono Soprano Xylophones

$675 each
$495 each


Learning with Technology

  • MP3 Players - Download stories from the media center
  • Digital Cameras/Video Recorders - Great teaching and learning tools
  • 16GB Memory Cards - For students to record and transfer their work and activities

$50 each
$150 each
$5 each


Visual Learning and Sharing

Document cameras effectively share books, pictures, and objects. One is needed to replace the outdated overhead and transparencies.

$600 $600

Getting Organized

Mobile organizer cart with chrome tubular frame and 20 polypropylene drawers on casters.
24 compartments to be used for student mailboxes for 20 classrooms.



Special Needs – Special Tools

Voice recorder to record the reading fluency of special education students and play it back for the student to hear.

$450 $1,800

Early Reading and Listening

6 Walkman style CD/tape players with ear buds for kindergarten students to use at listening stations in order to improve reading and listening skills and for special education students to use to focus and eliminate outside interruptions while working.

$100 $600