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To educate our children in partnership with the family and the community to live responsible, creative, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing world.

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Button Maker

Our 7th grade ISM’S project studies racism, sexism, ‘ablebodyism’, classism, and other types of discrimination. Students create and sell slogan buttons that promote stopping the damaging use of ‘isms”. Money raised is donated to a worthy cause selected by the students as they learn about philanthropy. We need a new, durable, button maker to continue this worthwhile project.

$450 $450

Join Hands Community Service Day

A sponsor or sponsors are being sought for Northstar Middle School’s Join Hands Day held each May. Join Hands Day encourages cross-generational understanding, respect, and trust, while working together for the support of our local community. Youth and adults work side by side while helping others in need within our community, promoting meaningful volunteerism, learning, and making change. Grant money is used mainly for transporting students to local non-profit organizations for volunteering, and also for supplies.

$2 per student $1,000

Guthrie Theatre Dickens Field Trip

Help keep this Northstar tradition going. As part of their English Curriculum, Northstar 8th graders travel to Minneapolis to see Dickens’s classic Christmas Carol at the Guthrie Theatre each year. This is a very enriching experience for our students.

$30 per student $6,000