Memorial High School

The mission and vision of Memorial High School is to prepare our young people with the skills necessary to continue the educational path in becoming life-time learners. All stakeholders at MHS are dedicated to this task.

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Athletic Access Fund

Each year many students at ECASD are unable to join teams due to the additional costs for team clothing and team fees. Help remove these barriers for high need Memorial High kids. We are seeking funds to offset the basic costs so these male and female students can participate in: Cross Country, Track, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Hockey, Wrestling, Softball, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Spiritline, and Dance.

$100 - $500/person


Strength and Fitness Fund

Health and wellness for all students is a top priority at our school. We are working to provide a well-equipped after school strength and fitness facility that will offer all students opportunities to pursue their personal best in the classroom and out.



After School Transportation

Transportation to and from home is a barrier to participation in afterschool activities for 1 in 4 of the Memorial students living in poverty. Bus Tokens allow these students to participate fully in extracurricular activities, school events, and athletics.



Lunch and Learn Pass

1 in 4 students qualify for free and reduced lunch. Many more are just above the cutoff point and go through their day without breakfast or lunch. Teachers and coaches know what a difference ‘3 squares’ a day can make to performance, learning, and success in school.

$2.60/day x 25 students ~ 100 lunches


Technology Today Fund

Memorial does our best to provide all students with access to the technology tools they need to learn best. Part of maintaining quality equipment is providing protection for existing items. We are seeking cases for 4 mobile units.

$40 each $200