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Wish List - Needs Request

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Learning for All

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High Interest Books for Older Readers

High interest/lower reading level book sets for 3rd—5th grade readers can make all the difference. We are seeking 27 sets to be stored in the book room and shared across three grades serving many children.

$30/set x 27 $810

Curriculum Content Books

Content area book sets at varying levels for grades 3-5 bring learning alive for readers at all levels.

$500/set x 3 $1,500

Reading at Home

Reading with parents is an important part of literacy for English language learners.  We need nine sets of English/Spanish take home readers for primary ELL students.

$9 x 20 $180

Movin' Seats

Ideal for those with ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorders.
Adds an element of instability requiring active participation from the user.

$32 x 10 $320

Tripods for iPad Instruction

Teachers will use the tripods to enhance iPad instruction, giving them a hands free teaching. Students will also use the tripods for film creating.

$125 x 10 $1,250

National Geographic Ladder's Set

The Ladders Literacy program is a laddered approach (includes 4 books about the same topic written at different reading levels) to meet the diverse needs in the classroom. The materials use National Geographic visuals and cover the common core standards. (5th grade priority)

$993.50 x 3


Portable Mini Whiteboards/Pocket Charts

Supports teachers and small group guided reading instruction.

$44.77 x 6 $268.62

Portable Rolling Cart

For literacy coach to transport material from room to room.

$183 $183