Lakeshore Elementary

Our Mission:

We will communicate, cooperate, and collaborate to ensure all learners reach high social, emotional, and academic standards.

Our Vision:

Excellence for all - whatever it takes!

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Cost Detail

Total Cost

Helping Hands Greatest Need Fund

58% of Lakeshore families live in poverty and struggle to provide basic items for their children. The Helping Hands Fund provides essentials such as backpacks, coats, etc., as well as funds for needy students to participate in special non-athletic programs and field trips.

$100 supports one child/year $20,000

Play and Learning

This grant will support play equipment for the entire school so they can take advantage of Lakeshore’s playground and nature area all year round. Needs include: hula hoops, snow shoes, balls, jump ropes, and sleds.

$30 will support
10 children

Lakeshore Literacy

Books are the centerpiece of learning at Lakeshore. Our goal is to provide every child entering school with books and a book bag of their very own.

$30 will support
10 students