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Respect is one of our school's core values.

We strongly believe that all students and adults at DeLong deserve respect. We are committed to ensuring a positive and respectful school environment where everyone is treated with dignity.

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Helping Hands Greatest Needs Fund

48% of DeLong Middle School families live in poverty and struggle to provide basic items for their children. The Helping Hands Fund provides basic essentials (backpacks, socks, underwear, coats, boots, and other cold weather gear) as well as funds for needy students to participate in special non-athletic programs and field trips.

$100 per child/year $20,000

Learning with Technology for Special Needs

iPads are needed to meet the needs of self-contained special education students. The district has made technology a priority, but needs outstrip the current budget. To keep things equitable for all students. We need one classroom set of iPads that will be shared among many.

$500 x 10 Students/ Classroom $5,000

Bus Passes

DeLong has a very high participation rate in extracurricular activities. Many of our students do not have transportation to get home after activities and rely on the city bus system.



WEB Training Materials

DeLong sponsors the Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) program which matches 8th graders with 6th graders for an extensive orientation before school starts in addition to sponsored activities throughout the school year.