Types of Funds

There are three general funds that make up the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation (ECPSF): the Fund for Today, the Endowed Fund for the Future, and the Fund for Operations. The funds are governed by the policies established by the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation and granted out to projects, schools and programs under the oversight of the Board of Trustees.

Donors may designate gifts for any of the funds. Donors may split their gifts among the funds. Gifts not designated by the donor will be allocated 80% to the Fund for Today and 20% to the Fund for Operations.

Donors may send donations to the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation, P.O Box 511, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54702 or online.

Funds for Today

The Fund for Today is used to meet current needs of students. Gifts to this fund can be directed by the donor to individual schools or programs. Gifts not directed by the donor are pooled and used for greatest needs as part of the annual grant application cycle. All grants are approved by the Foundation Board of Trustees.

Endowed Funds for the Future

The Endowed Funds for the Future safeguards the principal of all gifts in perpetuity, while the income from the funds is available on an annual basis for school programs, special projects, and student assistance.

Funds for Operations

The Fund for Operations supports the administrative expenses of the Foundation, working in tandem with support provided by the Eau Claire Area School District and the Eau Claire Community Foundation.

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