Caravan Scholarship Fund

About the Fund


The Caravan Scholarship was established by two donors in celebration of band participation with Memorial High School and the Eau Claire Area School District.

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Accepted applicants must: have participated in band all four years of their studies at Memorial High School. They must have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, and be recommended by a non-family member. Selection will be based on the criteria stated in the description. If there is a tie in the rubric, the reviewers will rank order the applicants.


All Memorial High School seniors who have participated in band during all four years of their high school studies, who intend to pursue post-secondary education, AND who intend to continue study and/or participation in music during post-secondary education will be considered for the Caravan Scholarship. Selection will be based on:

  • Intent to attend post-secondary education
  • High school GPA: 3.5 or higher
  • Band participation all four years in high school
  • Community service while in high school
  • Financial need (detailed in your FAFSA SAR)


To be considered, applicants must submit:

1. Application form


3. High school transcript

4. Recommendation letter from a non-family member, not serving on the selection committee
5. Essay typed, one-page (maximum), describing:

  • How are you active in band, and what other activities you are currently involved with?
  • What have you done in service to Eau Claire or the broader community


Selection and Distribution

Selection will be made by the Memorial High School Scholarship committee. One award of $500 (or more) will be presented annually, and will be announced in May.



To apply, please contact:

Memorial High School Scholarship Coordinator, Lisa Steig

[email protected]; (715) 852-6330.