First Artist for AIC Program Announced!

Student work from previous programs with Kris and Erin.

The inaugural artist for the Artist in the Classroom (AIC) experience has been selected from the 2017-18 Call for Artists. Kris Gausman and Erin Phelps-Stark are a partnership in mixed media art, bringing their talents and experience from all over the world into Flynn Elementary School’s art classroom. The pair will work with students in a variety of media including paper making, self-portraits, and colorful patterns and shading techniques.

Flynn Elementary School art teacher Chad Frase is excited about this new opportunity for his students. “I am looking forward to the fifth grade students collaborating with artists from the community. I am excited to be a part of the collaboration and see the art production that will take place in the Flynn Art Room,” he said.

The Artist in Classroom endowed fund of the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation was established in 2016 by Mitchell and Liz Spencer. "It is important to bring the artist into the school and classroom and for the faculty and students to become involved with the artist. The purpose of the Artist in Classroom program is to expand the experience and knowledge of the both the students and faculty," Mitchell shared. Kris and Erin begin their team-teaching with Flynn’s art students in February 2018.

Currently, available funds provide for one artist in an academic year. As the fund grows, monies will support an artist for both the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. For information, or to make a gift to the fund, please contact Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation Executive Director Sarah French at or (715) 852-3015. You can also explore the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation website at